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UEFA is involved in political repressions in Ukraine(open letter) [27 Sep 2011|09:28am]

Mr. Michel Platini
Union of European Football Associations
Dear Mr. Platini,
The image of UEFA and the European Football Championship which is to be held in Ukraine and Poland in 2012 may suffer irreparable blow due to the scandal developing around ProstoPrint, a popular Ukrainian printing company which applies images on souvenir products and clothes from the clients’ layout originals.  
On September 6, 2011, as a result of militia raid against the office of ProstoPrint, the company’s activity was paralyzed, the equipment was seized and criminal proceedings were taken against the employees.  They are accused of illegal application of Euro 2012 logo on the clothing.  It was revealed at once that the militiamen themselves had ordered application of such logo on 50 T-shirts so as to obtain the grounds for suspension of the company’s activity.  
When the militia arranged such provocation, they committed a number of gross outrages: search without an order, seizure of property without an order, interrogation of the suspects and examination of the witnesses with the use of physical and psychological pressure (threats of violence).    
The militiamen did not have any grounds for such measures against ProstoPrint because it is a customer, the owner of the product, who is liable for observance of incorporeal rights, but not the company which provides printing services.  This is governed both by the Ukrainian laws and by the relevant EU directives.  The employees of ProstoPrint were not even obliged to verify the customer’s right to use the logo of Euro 2012.
The real reason of the “assault” against the company with all this iniquity was not the T-shirts produced through the militia’s provocation but quite another product, very popular T-shirts among Ukrainians with inscriptions including keen criticism at President Yanukovych.  
Under the pretext of UEFA’s incorporeal right protection, the nondemocratic Ukrainian powers have unleashed the campaign of illegal persecution of its citizens for political beliefs.  In order to defend our rights and freedoms set forth in the Constitution, we will do our best to draw a wide international response to this scandal.    
It is especially outrageous that UEFA patent agents in Ukraine are directly involved in the crime against ProstoPrint as they have already written an application to prosecute the employees of the company criminally on the ground of the gross provocation committed by the militia.   
We kindly request you to interfere with this situation personally and to withdraw the application of UEFA patent agents against ProstoPrint due to absence of the formal components of a crime in the company’s actions and in that way to prevent from using UEFA as a tool for political repressions.
Oleksandr Danylyuk,
Coordinator-General of Civil movement "Spilna Sprava"


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SOS! World chess champion Galina Shliahtich is dying! Journalists, Sponsors, she urgently needs help [03 Oct 2010|12:42am]


SOS! Многократная чемпионка мира по шахматам Галина Шляхтич умирает! Журналисты, спонсоры, срочно требуется помощь!!!

SOS! World chess champion Galina Shliahtich is dying! Journalists, Sponsors, She urgently needs help! She wants to live http://bit.ly/91vZRC

SOS! Багаторазова чемпіонка світу з шахів Галина Шляхтич вмирає! Журналісти, спонсори, терміново потрібна допомога! http://bit.ly/bdbsWd

SOSの!チェス世界チャンピオンガリーナShliahtichは死にかけている!ジャーナリスト、スポンサー、彼女は早急に助けを必要としています!彼女は生きて欲しい http://bit.ly/cReJwz

SOS! Schachweltmeister Galina Shliahtich liegt im Sterben! Journalisten, Sponsoren, sie braucht dringend Hilfe! Sie will leben! http://bit.ly/bn5X22

SOS! World champion d'échecs Galina Shliahtich se meurt! Les journalistes, commanditaires, elle a un besoin urgent d'aide! Elle veut vivre http://bit.ly/czPROG

SOS! Campione mondiale di scacchi Galina Shliahtich sta morendo! I giornalisti, sponsor, ha urgente bisogno di aiuto! http://bit.ly/ceI58t

SOS!!! Campeón mundial de ajedrez Galina Shliahtich se está muriendo! Periodistas, patrocinadores, Ella necesita ayuda! http://bit.ly/d2IPC5

SOS! World sjakk Galina Shliahtich er dø! Journalister, Sponsorer, må hun raskt hjelp! Hun ønsker å leve! http://bit.ly/a3n3bs

SOS! Shakin maailmanmestari Galina Shliahtich kuolee! Toimittajia, Sponsorit, hän tarvitsee kipeästi apua! Hän haluaa elää! http://bit.ly/buTfhl

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Writers [26 Oct 2009|03:41pm]

Hi guys, once again I am looking for volunteers to write for ampedreviews.net. I am looking for CD and Gig reviewers as well as feature writers. Everything is on a volunteer basis and I will beable to send you CDs and possible get you guestlist for shows so you can review them, then you submit your review and it goes on the site. :)

We mainly concentrate on alternative/rock music so if you're interested please email me on cherrypie_13@hotmail.com
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Job openings for freelance reporters and photo journalists [23 Mar 2009|04:20pm]

I'm Nir from iamnews.com, the open content exchange spot for international publishers and contributors. We are now opening our gates for professional/pro-am journalists - writers, photographers, video journalists.
Here is a review about iamnews.com written by the European Journalism Centre: http://www.ejc.net/resources/featured/iamnews/

- Must be experienced journalist with broad knowledge in at least one of these topics:  Business, Entertainment, Health & Lifestyle,Political News, Technology, Travel or Sports.
- Self-starter with a high level of creative initiative who has  ability to handle multiple tasks and deadlines in a fast-paced atmosphere.
- Advantage to press card holders

Post your resume and credentials here: http://www.iamnews.com/register/contributor

About Us
iamnews.com is an exchange platform that helps freelance journalists  distribute their content (Articles and Photos now/ Videos soon) to publishers around the world and a tool for publishers to find trusted journalist and assign news tasks to them and license their content. Our platforms enables each side to extend their professional network and to buy/sell news content. For journalists it is a great way to get international visibility to their content and revenues. For publishers it is a great way to work with variety of contributors in an adhoc, outsourced and trusted way. iamnews is a FREE service.

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[01 Feb 2009|10:37pm]


Hi All!
I figured I would introduce myself into the community so here it is:

Name:  Hannah.
Age:     23.
Location: England.
Degree (if you did/are doing one): From Sep 2009 – American Studies with English.
Any (other) journalism qualifications: Other than my love for writing, no.
Current job (if you have one, whether relevant or not!): Unemployed student
Dream job: Editor or Creative Director of a magazine, entertainment preferably.

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Freelance gig [17 Dec 2008|10:08pm]

Hey everyone. This is a pretty cool, very legit online writing opportunity (those rarely come along, don't they..)?

If you love your city and are passionate about a specific topic, hobby, sport, place, then Examiner.com is your place.

Quickly becoming a go-to destination for local information in 60 major markets across the country, Examiner.com is made up of a massive network of experts, insiders, and enthusiasts all over the country called Examiners. The growth of this website is INCREDIBLE. It began in April of this year and last month had 11 million visitors to the site. That's nuts.
A bit more about the gig:
• Examiners contribute a minimum of 4 short articles a week about the topic they choose to Examine in their community.
• Examiners cover everything from bike trails to civic politics to cheap eats, pets, fitness, and history.
• Examiners are often requested to appear on local and national news or contribute to magazines or other projects.
• Examiners work from home, campus, the office, the coffee shop – contributing when and where inspiration strikes.
• Examiners are paid based on traffic to their content.

If you want to apply now, you can go here!
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[17 Dec 2008|12:53pm]

Hi, I am looking for writers to join the staff at AMPEDREVIEWS.NET
I am looking for people to write CD Single/Album Reviews and Gig Reviews. Someone who can spare the time to voluntarily write frequent reviews for the site. Please get in contact by emailing me at CherryPie_13@hotmail.com
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Anyone have an art blog? [31 Oct 2008|01:20pm]

I write for Hi Fructose Magazine, but I also maintain an art blog. I'm looking for other art bloggers. Feel free to message me with a link to your blog or simply list it here. I maintain the Myartspace Blog at www.myartspace.com/blog and I'm looking for guest bloggers and people to network with. If you are interested in being a guest blogger or networking please message me. Also looking for people interested in writing about the main site, www.myartspace.com. It is a social networking site for artists that is quickly rising in popularity. We will be featured at the Bridge Art Fair this December during the Art Basel Miami.
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[31 Aug 2008|11:07pm]


I am the co-founder of a music&arts webzine called pseudononymous (lower-case letters and all) and we're currently looking for writers that are available to do any of the following:

Concert Reviews
Album Reviews
Movie Reviews
Book Reviews
Theater Reviews

*This includes musicians (solo artists and bands), performers, etc.

If you're interested, please leave a comment below or email us at pseudononymouswebzine@yahoo.com with which position(s) you are interested in filling in, your own interests, why you'd like the position(s), and a short description of your own musical taste.

If you'd like to check out the webzine beforehand and for anyone just interested in following it, click this.

Thank you!
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Freelance help [18 Feb 2008|12:57pm]

Hello :)

I was wondering if any UK based types could help me out. I'm a Journalism Graduate, and although I'm not particularly interested in a Journalism career any more, I would still quite like to do a bit of writing now and then. So I was wondering whether anyone could point me in the direction of any magazines, either on-line or print, that would offer me the chance to submit the odd feature/review to them.

I'm mostly interested in music reviewing, and I'm not at all bothered whether I get paid for my writing or not, I just want to build up a bit of a portfolio in case I do head back into the Lion's Den of the Media industry!

Thanks in advance!

x-posted to journalists
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[29 Jan 2008|08:04pm]

Tips on creating a good portfolio?

I'm planning on studying abroad in the summer, and a non-returnable portfolio is part of my application.

How many pieces should I include? Should I include actual clips from the paper, or should I print the articles in a Word Doc, and show the link/date of when it was published at the top? (I'm a little weary of sending actual clips, since it is non-returnable).
What do I even put all of this IN? A folder? A manila envelope?

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[03 Mar 2007|01:16am]
Well, ironically after starting this community I'm now off to work in the world of internet journalism instead! I'll still pop in sometimes but I'm not really on LJ much. I have one person added as mod already, so I'll leave care of this comm to you! :)
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Freelance Web and Graphic Designer looking for work [22 Feb 2007|10:10pm]

[ mood | happy ]


I'm a freelance web and graphic designer looking for some projects.  You can view my website at

www.driftmedia.ca and e-mail me at info@driftmedia.ca .

DriftMedia Productions offers a wide range of services in the graphic and web design fields. Services include:

- Logo design
- Web design & Layout
- Banner design
- Business Identity
- Sticker and Decal design
- Ad design and promotion
- Brochures and Booklets
- Flyers and Posters

With over 9 years of experience in graphic design and web production, you can be sure DriftMedia will deliver

as promised on your project. I have worked on websites, magazines, yearbooks, magazine ads and short videos,

all delivering on time in the past.

Please visit me website at www.driftmedia.ca for more information and feel free to contact me

Thank you for your time

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Introduction [16 Feb 2007|06:28pm]

Hi all,

I'm a senior journalism student currently interning at a monthly city magazine. Most of my experience up to now has been in newspapers, but my interest in pursuing a career in magazines is growing steadily.

A quick question: What would be an average starting salary for an entry-level position at a monthly glossy (regional and/or national)?

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new member intro [16 Feb 2007|04:04pm]

Just dropping in to say hi and introduce myself...I'm Erin, a Boulder, Colorado-based freelancer. I do quite a bit of business and marketing writing for a variety of clients, but have been expanding my news weekly/magazine list lately (more about my work at my website).

My goals for the year are to burst forth from the small-potatoes alt-weekly, advertorial and trade mag markets and get published in a mainstream magazine I'd actually read. Dare to dream!

In addition to writing out of my little nook in the kitchen (I've been full-time freelance for nearly a year and still no proper office in sight), I'm a roller derby queen (blocker for the Denver Roller Dolls; recovering from knee surgery and planning my big comeback).

Anyway, nice to meet all of you...it's always great to hear what other writers are up to!
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Moving countries [24 Jan 2007|11:01am]

In a sudden and odd turn of events, I seem to be leaving the sunny shores of Australia for California. My new fiancé is from there and we'll be living in the South Bay where his daughter attends high school. I'll be arriving at the end of March.

Apart from the frustration I know I'm going to experience switching from the Australian Government Style Guide to AP, I figure I'm going to have a hard time figuring out my new niche. I've worked on technology magazines, digital lifestyle magazines, Choice Magazine (our equivalent of the US Consumer Reports or the UK's Which?), restaurant and city guides and travel magazines.

I've been running a couple of mini-magazines as part of my own company (and that's another story -- I have to work out whether I can remotely edit one of them or whether to resign from my own company as well as sell my share to my business partner). (You know, I just realised the hardest thing of all is going to be learning to put punctuation inside parentheses. It's just not done here unless the entire sentence is in parenthesis.)

Anyway, have any of you had experience with non-citizen colleagues? Is overseas experience considered commensurate with US experience? I'm mainly looking for full-time editing work, as I can't freelance for US companies on my tourist visa and need a company to sponsor a working visa... although I can probably write for Canadian magazines and charge that through my Australian company as if I were still in Australia and pay Australian taxes on it.

Any and all advice on the magazine industry in San Francisco/San Jose would be appreciated.
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inbox journalism. [02 Nov 2006|08:19pm]

so, what do you think about e-mail interviews?

Here is an article on it: http://www.ajr.org/Article.asp?id=4005
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Music Magazine Writing? [25 Oct 2006|11:13pm]

Hey everyone,

My name is Michael Schmitt, I've been in music journalism for a year now writing for a few webpages. I almost had a shot at writing for RockPile magazine before it went under, and now I am focusing on trying to get into a magazine.

Does anyone have any tips on getting a writing position for a music magazine? It doesn't need to pay, money isn't an issue right now. I would just really like to move into a new medium. Any help or ideas or magazines to apply to would be much appreciated! Also, to read some of my work (to get an idea of my writing level I suppose) head here for my online portfolio. Thanks!

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[14 Oct 2006|12:10pm]

Anybody know of any e-zines looking for volunteer writers/reviewers, etc.?
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[13 Oct 2006|11:17am]

How much does musical review cost today?

asking for this e-zine.

maybe someone can help?
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